LDK-II type Electrical Control System

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: ZZSM
Model Number: LDK-II
Condition: New
For: Superhard Materials

Trade Information

Min. Unit of Measure: Sets
Port: Tianjin
Delivery Time: 45 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

Product Description

LDK-II type Electrical Control System

LDK-II type of electrical control system is specially designed and developed for the synthetic diamond, single crystal, poly-crystalline CBN, and PDC/PCBN etc. super-hard materials synthetic press as high precision electrical control system. It has characters of high control precision, best reliability, low failure rate, and easy operation, and also with user-friendly control interface. It is convenient for manual operation and reduces manual operation errors. It has many protection and prevention measures, which greatly increase the efficiency and quality of diamond synthesis.

LMD-II type of electronic control system is a high-precision standard configuration, which meets the requirements of constant power, constant voltage and pressure control. In addition, it can provide temperature expansion, displacement expansion, pressure expansion and other matching functions to meet all kinds of process requirements.

Technical parameter of LDK-II type electronic control system


Technical Parameter


Pressure control range is 0.0150.00MParegulation accuracy is 0.01MPacontrol accuracy is ±0.1MPa


Heating power range is 0.060.00kWregulation accuracy is 1Wcontrol accuracy is ±3W


Displacement control range is 0.0200.00mmregulation accuracy is 0.01mmcontrol accuracy is  0.1mm


1000 lines can be set, each with 31 segments of technology curves of pressure-time, power-time , and real-time tracking control of the synthesis process is achieved.


Pressure curves and power curves in the synthesis process can be kept and can jump ; it also has the functions of pressure tuning , power tuning , etc.


Real-time detection is exerted and process parameters are displayed, such as voltage, current, pressure , resistance, etc.


About 50 different types of alarms can be set for the synthesis process protection.


About 30 different types of control parameters can be set for the synthesis process protection.


On-line modification of synthesis process settings, alarm and control parameters can ensure that the synthesis process is stable and reliable.


More than 1000 historical curves can be recorded, and historical  curves and the corresponding synthesis parameters can be tracked online real-time.

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